The Promise is For Us (3)

The Promise is For Us (3)
June 2, 2014 Imagining Abundance

Advent & Christmas: Ready for God

Week One

Ready to hear

Sunday November 30   Isaiah 7.10-17       The double-edged sign

(1st Sunday of Advent)

Monday December 1   Isaiah 9.1-7         Light for the people

(World Aids Day)

Tuesday December 2   Isaiah 11.1-9         The shoot from the stump

Wednesday December 3   Jeremiah 23.1-8     The righteous branch

(International Day of Disability)

Thursday December 4   Psalm 85         God will speak peace to his people

Friday December 5   Jeremiah 30.1-9     The promise of a new beginning

Saturday December 6   Jeremiah 30.10-17     The promise of healing

Week Two

Promises for the people

Sunday December 7   Jeremiah 30.18-24     The promise of honour

(2nd Sunday of Advent)

Monday December 8   Jeremiah 31.1-6     The promise of grace

Tuesday December 9   Jeremiah 31.7-14     The promise of a return

Wednesday December 10 Jeremiah 31.15-20 The promise of a future

Thursday December 11 Jeremiah 31.21-30     The promise of new strength

Friday December 12   Jeremiah 31.31-34     The promise of intimacy

Saturday December 13 Jeremiah 31.35-40     The promise of permanence

Week Three

Ready to respond

Sunday December 14 Ezekiel 34.11-16     God looks out for us

(3rd Sunday in Advent)

Monday December 15 Ezekiel 34.17-24     God knows the difference

Tuesday December 16 Ezekiel 34.25-31     God promises peace

Wednesday December 17 Matthew 21.28-32 God looks for obedience

Thursday December 18 Matthew 21.33-41     God looks for loyalty

Friday December 19     Matthew 22.1-14     God looks for a glad response

Saturday December 20 Matthew 21.18-22     God looks for fruit

Week Four

Ready to receive the Light

Sunday December 21   Matthew 25.1-13         Ready for the call

(4th Sunday in Advent)

Monday December 22 Psalm 36.5-9       In your light, we see light

Tuesday December 23 1 John 1.1-4       God’s life revealed

Wednesday December 24 1 John 1.5-10   God is light

Thursday December 25 John 1.1-5       The life that enlightens all people

(Christmas Day)

Friday December 26 John 1.10-14       God hidden amongst the people

Saturday December 27 John 1.16-18       The source of grace and truth

Week Five

Gods life in us

Sunday December 28 Isaiah 60.1-7       Arise, shine, for your light has come

Monday December 29 1 John 2.7-11       Living in the light

Tuesday December 30 Matthew 25.14-30     Investing in faith

Wednesday December 31 Matthew 25.31-40 Seeing Christ in others