Summary 4: The Way

The Days of Creation:

  • The Way. The days of creation. Created for joy.
  • Ocean, mountain, stream. The water of life. Uncovering the well. At the well. Stream of life. The overflowing measure.
  • Outward and inward baptism. Baptism as process. Immersed in abundance. Resourced by abundance.  
  • Learning to feel deprived. Learning to be a reservoir. Sustaining flow.
  • Allowing the stream to cleanse us. Cleansing the temple. Transformed by abundance.

A Life-Giving Way

  • More about the process. A way of bringing life into the situation. A life-giving way.
  • Reimagining the kingdom. The secret of the kingdom. A life-giving way. Jesus’ way to life. What the way will do for us.
  • Learning to apply the way. Finding the courage to leap. Acting ahead of the evidence. Acting as if.
  • The process enables a meeting of extremes. Contradiction unresolved. Taking the first step. Taking the next step. Allowing ourselves to faith.
  • The value of the small. One step at a time. Step by step.
  • Staying on the road. The ultimate test of the way.

Those who prepare the Way

  • Those who prepare the Way. Why John baptised. Jesus’ experience of baptism. Jesus, John and Elijah. The baptism Jesus offered. Mission as overflow. The mission. What we need to know.

The Way of Descent

  • The Way. Understanding our environment. Towards the promised land. People of hope in the desert.
  • The way of descent.
  • The call of the desert. The desert road. Choosing the desert. Why the journey is difficult. How the journey is possible. From oasis to oasis.
  • A contrary wind. The land of bondage. Creating a purposeful pause. The creative gap. Crossing the divide. Imagining our broad place. Investing in the process. Remaining flexible. Deeper into trust.

Healing and being healed

  • Abundant life for all. The scale of pain. Healing and being healed.
  • A space for healing. The wounded healer. Healing the wounds of the world.
  • Following God’s way to peace.
  • Fallible and frail. Resourced for healing. Anointing for healing.
  • A wholeness glimpsed in passing/experienced in passing. Accepting. Complex acceptance. Taking action. Risking our “purity”. Living in hope.