Summary 7: Always and Everywhere

Always and Everywhere

  • Order and chaos. Any given moment. Any given place. Always and everywhere.
  • Life is not easy. Living life whatever.
  • Transformation is not easy. The offence of abundance. The offence of thanksgiving.
  • Carrying the pain of others. Going where we do not want to go. Dealing with those we find difficult. Travelling towards the other. The resistance of the other. Adversity, obstacles, enemies. The reaction of authorities.
  • Passion places. Grief beyond healing. Feeling our powerlessness. The question and the cry. There is no reason. Facing diminishment. Facing death. Preaching Christ crucified.

The Shape of the Journey

  • The shape of the journey. Into the wild. Into the labyrinth. Wilderness and garden.
  • Fear of the wild. Wilderness road. A way through the wild.

God Meets us in the Wild

  • God meets us in the Wild. The City, the King, the Wild.
  • John as master of the wild. The limitations of John’s strategy.
  • Jesus as master of the wild.
  • Resourced for the wild. Living in the wild. Pausing in the wild.
  • Pray as you can. The desert becomes a garden.

God Feeds Us in the Wild

  • God feeds us in the Wild. The meal at Bethany. Passover and unleavened bread. The last supper.
  • The paradox of limitation. Choosing our response. Living beyond limits.
  • Staying human, staying real.
  • Storing our treasure.
  • Staying on the road. When we cannot see the way.
  • A way of faith to the end. Giving all for a great purpose.
  • The light beyond the wall. Taking down the wall. Living beyond expectations.
  • The journey back – or onwards.

The Way Through

  • The way through. Passion road. What was Jesus’ purpose?
  • Why enter Jerusalem?
  • A steadfast refusal to disengage.
  • The journey in. Going to the centre. Addressing the depths.
  • Useless prayer. Redeeming powerlessness.

Life in the Face of Death

  • Life in the face of death.
  • The overwhelming wave.
  • Frontier. Fault-lines. Winter world.
  • Staring into the abyss. The place of nowhere. Void.
  • Remembrance.
  • Recognising the kairos moment.
  • Nightwork.
  • The failure of the Messiah.
  • Crucifixion.
  • The silent sabbath.

The End of the World

  • The end of the world?
  • The day of the Lord.
  • The unfinished resurrection.
  • We can imagine a greater life.
  • The easter surprise.
  • Always beginning again.