Summary 1: The God Who Loves Us

God is Mystery

  • God is Hidden, Other, Wild, Absent.
  • God is Alive, the Source of Life, Creative , the Life-Giver
  • God is Love.
  • God is Abundant, gives abundance, creates abundance, longs for us to receive, enjoy, generate and share abundance.
  • God is simple – we are complicated.
  • God is powerless as well as powerful. If we seek power we will be disappointed.
  • God’s self-disclosure. God is present to us. God is the One to whom we pray.

Source of All

  • The secret heart. The root from which we grow.
  • The nature of growth. Two types of growth.
  • God gives. God gives abundance, beauty, treasure.
  • God is committed to us. Covenant.
  • We can understand more than we think we can understand, not least about the Spirit.

In God’s Presence

  • How we see God. How God sees us.
  • God loves us.
  • Prayer begins in God. God gives before we begin to pray. God gives so that we can begin to pray. God gives so that we can pray with all we are.
  • Praying with all we are. Aligning our whole selves Godward.
  • What do we imagine prayer to be?
  • Adoration. Prayer without qualification or demand. Aspires to emulate, though it can never match, the grace of God.
  • God gives direction, purpose, will, grit, determination, allegiance.
  • God is good news, always good news.
  • With God, we move from love into love.
  • We are called into mystery, we follow the faintest star. We learn to pray without ceasing.

Children of God

  • Children of God. The Sound of Music. Daring to dream. Finding the relationship. Finding the gospel for me.
  • Children of the dream; listening to the dream; learning to ask; learning to receive; asking for more; learning to aspire; knowing our dream; investing in our dream/s; following our dream/s; staying close to our dream/s; acting as if the dream is true.
  • Dreaming together. Together becoming children of God.

The Leading Edge of Light

  • Thoughts and reflections on praying a “Benedictine” style daily office. How such an office might be adapted for non-conformists. What it can teach us about praying without ceasing, always and everywhere.

Living in Steadfast Love

  • Thoughts and reflections on praying the Psalms. Meditations on specific psalms.