Vision, task, process…


  • Abundant Life for All


  • As human beings: To imagine abundance for ourselves.
  • As ministers: To enable others to imagine abundance for all.
  • As the people of God: To act as if what we imagine is real.


  • The process is a cycle with four steps:
  1. Pay attention to what we have, here and now.
  2. Celebrate it as a gift, a symbol of the vision.
  3. Act as if it is enough to fulfil the vision.
  4. Refresh the vision – and repeat the process – as often as necessary.


The vision that renews us is the vision of abundant life for all.

Abundance (1)
Growing, maturing, blossoming, flowering, fulfilment, fruitfulness, harvest.

Abundance (2)
Bountiful, plenty, richness, wealth, satisfaction, success, achievement.

Abundance (3)
Profound, height & depth, music, arts, crafts, knowledge, wisdom, loving.

Abundance is HOLISTIC:
Abundance is that wealth which is created as we love God with our whole selves.

Abundance is INFINITE:
Abundance is open-ended, infinite or tending towards infinity.

Abundance is TREASURE:
“Treasure – When you have dreamed your fill – yet more.” (Margery Allingham)

Created for Abundance (1)
Key to the success of our species: Our ability to change our location, behaviour or beliefs in order to discover and exploit new resources.

  1. Imagine an abundance somewhere else
  2. Convey that vision to others
  3. Act as if the imagined abundance was real
  4. Develop means to sustain new realities

Created for Abundance (2)
God has made us creative so that we can generate abundant life.

“I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly.”

The Spirit who inspires, focuses and realises the dream.

Created for Abundance (3)

  • God’s dream of abundant life for all
  • Made specific, concrete and personal.
  • For the individual. For the community.

Gifts are symbols of abundance.

Gifts help us to imagine abundance.

The best gifts…

  • Express our most important relationships
  • Reflect our tastes
  • Are related to our needs
  • Symbolise our dreams

Abundance is FOR ALL
The vision of abundant life has to be inclusive, or it will fail.

All need it
all can receive it
all can know that it is for them
and all can learn how to receive it to the full.  

Leave no one behind.



To imagine abundance for ourselves

  • so that we know how to do it well
  • so that we are alert to the ways the dream gets distorted or abused

If we cannot imagine abundance for ourselves, how can we help others to do so?

Self-awareness clears the well.  

  • What do you want to do?
  • What prevents you doing it?

The only way to find our freedom is to claim it.

Clearing the well uncovers the treasure.
“Where you treasure is, there will your heart be, also.”

The Art of Abundance is paying attention.
Here and now.

To the truth of God and the truth of ourselves.

Act as if the vision is true.
If necessary, ahead of the evidence.

Move from FEAR to TRUST.

Focus more of our time and energy on the one essential thing that we really want to do, here and now.

Trust God with everything else.

To enable others to imagine abundance for all.

  • Become a reservoir.
  • Orchestrate abundance.

To act as if what we imagine is true.  

  • Be aware of:
  1. Inadequate teaching or conditioning
    Replace with the affirming story God tells us about ourselves.
  2. Fear: “I/we can’t handle this”
    Replace with the vision of unlimited resources.
  3. An insufficient understanding of process.
    Replace by demonstrating the Eucharistic Dynamic.


The key that enables

  • what we know to become transformative
  • a small investment to yield an abundance

1. Pay attention to what you have

  • Receive what you have, here and now.
  • Welcome it. Affirm it.

2. Celebrate what you have

  • Celebrate it as a gift, symbolising abundance for all.
  • Give thanks for it.

3. Act as if it is enough

  • Actas if it is enough to fulfil the vision.
  • It is enough to make a beginning. It is enough to take the next step. One step at a time. “My grace is sufficient for you.

4. Reinvest

  • Refresh the vision and repeat the process for as long as it tak