Learning Faith

  • Learning faith. A way of building faith. Jesus’ mission: building faith.
  • What faith is. Explicit faith and implicit faith. Faith as foundation. Everyday faith. Common faith. Faith and feeling. Faith and how we feel about ourselves.
  • Learning faith. Faith to give us life. Faith for sharing.
  • Faith as a process. Faith as a way. As a way of descent. Faith and fear. Recognising the dynamic. The nature of fear. How fear works in us. Fears discovered and defined. A theology of fear. Fear is always there. Faith is always possible.
  • The particular shape of our fear. Speaking to the source of our fear. Walking through our fear. Choosing faith, not fear.
  • Cleansed by faith, living by faith, conveying faith. Faith for the journey. Faith that can grow. Faith that can expand, overflow.
  • God keeps faith with us.