The School of Faith

  • The circle around the hearth as a school of faith. Jesus as mentor. Story as inheritance, as reflecting the creator. Enabling questions to be asked and answered. Small stories and a large narrative. More questions than answers, but the circle creates security. Understanding held within the group.
  • Hearing the story, hearing through silence, learning a new language.
  • Finding the story that relates to us. Ideas given through designation or revealed to the individual through quests. Source stories and sustaining images. A very human story, encompassing one world and a vast diversity. The story has a purpose.
  • Rationalism and the story.
  • Story as the meeting of extremes. Story, song, dance and drama. Ritual. Many-layered activities.
  • Finding our way in the word. Finding the gospel, what is good news for us. The story God tells us about ourselves.   The story renews us as we respond to it. As we hear it telling us a new story about ourselves. As we participate, become immersed in the story, become part of it.
  • Are we fans, followers or disciples of Jesus? Discipleship has a particular purpose, method and content.
  • What is the story we have to offer? Telling the story as good news, telling our story, part of mission. How do we go about doing it?