Life in the Face of Death

  • Life in the face of death.
  • The overwhelming wave.
  • Frontier. Fault-lines. Winter world.
  • Staring into the abyss. The place of nowhere. Void.
  • Remembrance.
  • Recognising the kairos moment.
  • Nightwork.
  • The failure of the Messiah.
  • Crucifixion.
  • The silent sabbath.
  • Passion Road (Luke 19)

    Jesus sets his face toward Jerusalem. Luke 9.51-56. “When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he…

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  • Life in the Face of Death

      Depression and the cancer as examples of the wilderness. The beginning – we all need hope. The wilderness –…

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  • The Overwhelming Wave

      The storm had been gathering force all day. As night came down, the waves were twelve metres high and…

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  • Frontier (1)

    Towards the end of 1916 a new chaplain arrived on the Western Front in France. Theodore Bayley Hardy had been…

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  • Frontier (2)

      I want to get back to the purpose of the front-line. The place of conflict, turmoil and maximum fear.…

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  • Fault-Lines (1)

      Every age has its fault-line, and offers a challenge to which we can either react from our guts or…

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  • Fault Lines (2)

      Fault-lines marked by conflict, may be expressed passively or aggressively. The fault-line is a pit and a fortress. It…

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  • Winter World

    At first, viewing their barren worlds, it is hard to see how this might be. For example, the ruined hayshed…

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  • Staring Into the Abyss

    Fear of Chaos Human beings have a deep-rooted fear of chaos. It is derived from the time when we lived…

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  • The Place of Nowhere

    The place of nowhere – waiting – the struggle to wait with love (continued) adversity, resistance, void, overshadowed Reflection and…

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