An Abundance of Prayers

  • Prayers 1- 5

    1. The love of God –   vast as the universe: Embracing all peoples, enduring for all time. The love…

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  • Prayers 6-10

    6. Generous God, you have made us as children of   love to live in your love. Lavishing your  …

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  • Prayers 11-15

    11. Merciful God,   touch us with your forgiving power that we may wait   with patience for your day…

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  • Prayers 16-20

    16. From the ends of   the earth, people gather To worship the infinite God. From the furthest   horizon,…

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  • Prayers 21-25

    21. God of love, I   thank you. For meeting me   here. For receiving me   as your child.…

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