• The call. The voice. Input, sequence, process, dynamic, order, way, journey, creativity, transformation. Life is dynamic
  • God as presence, process and power. Jesus as the one who shows us how to pay attention to creative processes and use them to generate life for ourselves and for others.   The Spirit as the power in the process. It is a process with a purpose, that of generating life.
  • The power is made precise and specific in order to deliver practical benefits. Life-affirming, life-enhancing, life-expanding, life-generating benefits across many dimensions at once. All the aspects of ourselves. All our relationships. All layers and networks that make up society. A process that we can learn to replicate and the more and better we do so, the more it seems to become capable of replicating itself in ways which are both miraculous and mundane, often at the same time.
  • We are called into life. This is life for ordinary people, for ourselves, for others, for everyone. Life for when life is grim.
  • We learn to collaborate with the process to create contentment, peace, even happiness.
  • Learning to collaborate with the process is the substance of Christian discipleship. We are breathed into being and called to follow a sounding bell. Jesus teaches us the dynamics, how to play the notes in the right order, how to focus our attention where it needs to be, how to access the power of God, how to cope with the limits of that power. How the power of God is greater than the forces which overwhelm us. How Jesus’ “Way” delivers, gives life, fosters creativity, calls us towards life and light.