Called into Life

  • What are we searching for? Searching for life. More life. Why we challenge limitations, challenge the fall, ask searching questions, relish the life-giving moment.
  • What is the life-giving moment? What makes it so? What does it consist of?
  • Jesus the life-giver. The one who teaches us to recognise life when we encounter it, to find the bright thread, to choose and learn to choose well, to choose life, not death; and then to live with our choices.
  • We have our portion. Is it enough? Perhaps, perhaps not. We can learn contentment, but we can also learn how to expand our horizons, how to create the life we need, the more life we need.
  • However, creating life is one thing, hoarding life is another. Hoarding does not help the flow. Stock piling. In one sense, a certain reticence is helpful (becoming a reservoir). In another, it is not. Knowing the difference is vital.
  • Instead of hoarding, security lies in creating new life together, in choosing compassion, becoming life-givers, creating life for all. Seeing this as the substance of our discipleship, the work to which we are called.