Called to the Hearth of God

  • The power of God is earthed in the here and now, like a lightening strike, though sometimes the process happens in slow motion. Slowing down the process further to examine and reflect on it can show us how it happens. One example is Moses. What did he see in the burning bush? What was the significance of this fire in the wild?
  • The power of God is earthed in our “here and now”. The promise is for us. For you and for me. It is not enough for us to realise that they are offered to everyone, they are also offered to each one of us, personally. And to everyone else, personally. Both understandings are necessary. If it is only for all, the collective, then the individual may be left disempowered. If we focus solely on the promise to the individual, our vision tends to become limited to those who receive the promise in the same way that we do, or to the business of ensuring everyone receives the promise as we do. This restricts our understanding and love for others and our ability to help them make the promise real for all.
  • Before we can feel and deploy that fire in the mind, in the heart, in the midst, we must first feel welcomed, accepted, loved, safe.   God provides a Hall of Welcome for all, a place where the hearth is at the centre, God is at home with us and we feel at home with God and with each other. It is a place of safety, where no burdens are laid on us and we feel able to glimpse and reach for our full potential. It is a breathing space, a healing place, a place of rest and renewal, where abundance is given and treasure is shared. It is one form of sacred ground.
  • The fire in the centre of the circle is also a useful image for finding the “centre” of ourselves and the strength which glows there. Centering down is one way of describing the process of going within, of returning to the Source of life which is not only amongst us (at the centre of the group), but also within us, in the centre of ourselves. We declutter our stuff and simplify our lives as an outward expression (and means toward) the inward process of distilling the complex truth of our lives into a single simplicity – or perhaps more accurately – a very few simplicities. In doing so, we find the source, uncover the source, return to the source. At the centre, we are finally able to say “yes” to life and live that “yes” with all our strength. We see signs, including those which point the way. We find a transforming flame – the flame that not only cleanses but also fires and inspires. We guard the flame and carry it with us as we follow the way, like hunter-gatherers taking fire with them as they travel. It is this fire which transforms.