Called to the Jourmey

  • We are called to a journey, to participate in a process. To immerse ourselves in a total experience that embraces all we are, all our relationships, our whole situation, our context. God is like the lover at our window, wanting to show us that an alternative exists, that we can take a new direction, relate differently to the world around us, understand what we are searching for.
  • One way of imagining our aspirations is to see them as “treasure”. Knowing our treasure helps us focus; helps us see life in terms of process, not product; helps us harness the power of our imaginations by imagining our search for our treasure as a quest; helps us identify the factors which prevent us embarking on – or continuing – the quest.
  • The quest is one way of imagining the creative process, the “Way”, the practical and spiritual journey. The image of the journey is ancient, bred into us from the origin of our species as a way of stimulating and addressing the challenges of creative change. The journey is who we are, who Jesus is. It is a process which has a particular shape, taking us into the wild land and the labyrinth of our inner being. It requires us to face the loss, grief, absence and anxiety that comes with change and to engage with them with faith and courage. The quest is an imaginative way of expressing an important truth, that the creative life is a way of faith from beginning to end.
  • We begin by accepting the shape and nature of the journey; by identifying the questions with which we set out; by recognising that we are called to adventure but that it takes faith to get us moving and keep us moving. It may not be clear what we mean by faith in this context, but the purpose of the journey as a whole is transformation. This change may be large or small, whatever it is, it means we have attained our treasure.   To achieve it, we will go to the ends of the earth.