Imagining the Journey

  • The blank page. Using our imaginations. Imagining the journey. The nature of the journey. The one who points the way. The power to move out, move on. Change as the way to abundance. A journey towards abundance. Christianity as a way to abundance.
  • Immersed in the life of God. Created for abundance. Discovering abundance. Abundance is the gift of God; it is not selfish; challenged but not denied by suffering (difficulty is imagining it when we are suffering); need for a vision to be present where we are, in a manner that is relevant to where we are, which helps us imagine abundance available to us where we are, which moves us onto tomorrow, preferably in a way that makes abundance closer.
  • Called to abundance. Thanksgiving and abundance. Organising around abundance. False forms of abundance.
  • The walker creates the path. Called to go deeper. Travelling light. Staying on course. Going the distance. Achieving the horizon. God with us.