The Company in the Wild

  • The company in the wild – the original human group. The company needs to eat. How it does so gives us basic feeding processes, hunting, gathering, farming.   Nurturing of resources preceded farming. Large scale farming changed the way of life and made new things possible. Development of settled, urban life, more hierarchical societies in which resources were distributed differently.
  • Food is a symbol of life. Humans had advantages as non-specialised feeders, able to adapt to many different environments. Ability to adapt and change was fundamental characteristic of human success. What enabled us to become the dominant species, dominant type of primate and human.
  • Nevertheless able to recognise an abundance. Meaning of an abundance – food for now, all, future, security, celebration, glut, gorging, sharing, exchanging.
  • The hunt. Meat the first treasure. Honey. Call to the hunt, the quest.
  • The cost of meat.
  • What the company learn together. Learning methods in the group. Mentoring discipleship, the circle around the hearth, stories and songs.
  • The value of the unit – leave no one behind.