Aiming for Integrity

  • The process of bringing all our various aspects together so that they work together and receive/transmit the love and grace of God is the life-long process of aiming for integrity and working towards a greater honesty, attention and trust. In the process, we learn gratitude towards God who loves us despite our failings and a greater degree of acceptance towards ourselves and our failings.
  • Jesus affirms us. Jesus says “yes” to us. But to accept ourselves, we have to challenge the critical voice in our heads. The voice that is the voice of those who belittled us when we were children or youngsters. We affirm ourselves and our direction and in doing so, gain the courage to say “I am” in both positive and negative senses. “I am beautiful” or “I am angry”.
  • This process requires us to do our own work on our own experience. God’s grace assists our efforts. In being prepared to play our part, we find the more life, the more strength we need to do God’s work. We learn how even our weakness serves God, because in acknowledging it and offering it and being honest, attentive and trustful through it, our weakness conveys God’s grace.   But we have to gather our tools, practise using them, develop our toolbox, listen to the teacher and become ourselves by listening to ourselves.
  • It is a process, too, of entering into a number of conversations – with ourselves, challenging our own assumptions, with our questions, by staying with them and listening to them and refining them, by learning to play, when to stand firm, how to climb the stairs one by one, how to offer all we are.
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