Here and Now

  • The journey to where we are is the preliminary to starting where we are. Where we are is where God is. The place where God is near. Christ is the door to seeing this, the way into the inner room, the beginning of the inner journey.   We meet God in the here and now by making the most of the present moment.
  • Living in the present moment, we learn the value of moments; moments that take a lot of unpacking, that expand the present to become infinite and eternal. Here and now is where we live, where we receive the good news, where the resources of God become available to us.   We access those resources by paying attention to what we have in our hands, here and now, by being real before God and choosing to believe.
  • The good news is often resisted, but there are reasons why it is resisted and by working with those reasons, resisters can become witnesses. By working with the resistance we discover within ourselves, we travel from where we are to where we want to be.