Seeing and Being Seen

  • What we see and what we have to deal with are related; our focus determines our reality. What we see and how we are seen are related. If we see enemies all around us, we will create more enemies than we would have had otherwise. God sees us as we are, but that sight is positive and creative; God loves us as we are and sees our potential. Knowing we are received enables us to receive the child. Knowing ourselves beloved is foundational to learning to love ourselves.
  • The love of God is a three-stranded love: the love of three Persons as One: and what God asks of us in return is a threefold love: love of God, of our neighbour and ourselves. To love our neighbour, we must learn to negotiate between our neighbour’s needs and our own.
  • If we are to receive the love of God we must allow ourselves to receive from others. This begins with our willingness to receive at all, to “open the box”. It also means learning to say no, understanding when our heart is not in something, when we are being assaulted or abused, when we need to resist in order to defend the core of who we are.