God is Mystery

  • God is Hidden, Other, Wild, Absent.
  • God is Alive, the Source of Life, Creative , the Life-Giver
  • God is Love.
  • God is Abundant, gives abundance, creates abundance, longs for us to receive, enjoy, generate and share abundance.
  • God is simple – we are complicated.
  • God is powerless as well as powerful. If we seek power we will be disappointed.
  • God’s self-disclosure. God is present to us. God is the One to whom we pray.
  • God is Hidden

    THE HIDDEN GOD ‘Truly, you are a God who hides himself, O God of Israel, the Saviour,’ laments the prophet…

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  • God is Other

    Being utterly “Other”, there is a wildness in God which we cannot tame, but which C S Lewis caught in…

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  • God is Wild

    So there is always a danger that the wilderness God will be forgotten, and that the deity which people seek…

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  • God is Absent

    Introduction:John’s Gospel explaining that Jesus had to leave physically so that his disciples would find him spirituallyFind him in their…

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  • God is Alive

    God is dynamic, always on the move. God is alive, dynamic, still but always on the move, always changing, yet…

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  • God is the Source of Life (1)

    This is where prayer begins: with our admission that God is the Source of everything, the One we need, the…

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  • God is the Source of Life (2)

    Called into LifeBasic structure/ Additional thoughts SourceGod calls – source, origin, resource, re-source – the loving voice describes a vision,…

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  • God is the Source of Life (3)

    Sources for the Way When we begin to ask the question, How did he give life? we are almost overwhelmed…

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  • God is Creative

    Music/Lyrics for Listening, Reading, Singing: In Hymns and Psalms, any of the hymns from the section “Delight in Creation” (H&P…

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  • God is Love

    The Name of our God is Father, and Abundant Love Luke 11.1-13Prayer is reminding ourselves that the Name of our…

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