The journey begins…

Welcome to the Imagining Abundance website.

The aim of this site is to show how any one of us can:

  • imagine abundance for ourselves and for others,
  • act as if our vision is real
  • and persevere through adversity until it becomes so.

This website was an ongoing project which the Revd Julie Hulme (creative writer in Christian Spirituality) worked on right up to her death from advanced cancer in January 2014. It has been set up as her legacy, so that her writing may continue to be used – and to inspire others – in the years ahead. It is inevitably “unfinished” – and yet maybe that was always going to be the case, for it is up to each one of us to find our own path, and to write our own story.

Sections of this site:
There are seven major paths through the material on this site, each with a slightly different focus and approaching particular ideas and themes from a specific direction. Julie likened this to the different routes on offer when entering a country park – the two-mile route, the five-mile route, the lakeside path, the woodland one.

Julie’s Vision:
“I long to see more spaces made available for reflection and the creativity which emerges when we encounter the Source of life in ourselves and the world through honesty, attention and trust.

Through questioning, purposeful reflection and playful creativity – in solitude and in collaboration with others – we become more aware of the abundant resources available to each one of us in our talents and character, in the generosity of others and in the riches of creation.

If life is a spiritual journey, then most of us need a map to help us understand our longings, make life-giving choices and devise strategies for reaching the personal and collective goals that matter to us.

Discovering abundance is a process of life-long learning in which we accompany one another in a way that generates clarity, generosity, compassion, creativity, conviction and courage.

Courage is required because life is not easy in the first place and engendering life-giving change is not a “quick fix”. In pursuing abundant life we will encounter resistance in ourselves and others; various forms of adversity and, depending on our circumstances, obstacles and even aggression.

However, the good news is that there is always a way through if we are determined to live from faith, hope and love, rather than fear. There are simple techniques and tools we can learn which will help us turn each point of fear to a way of faith and a spring of hope. And if we are prepared to work long and hard, alone and with others, even the “passion places” of the world can become gardens of peace.

The journey is a process which, through perseverance and collaboration, transforms us, our relationships, our situation, circumstances and environment. We work together, encouraging, enabling and equipping each other to replicate the process and refine it further so that we generate abundant life in every sense, for all.

And we are sustained on the road by returning, as often as we can, to those spaces of reflection where we find our connection to the Source of life. Here we are renewed in confidence and faith, ready to travel on.”

Julie Hulme