The Days of Creation

  • The Way. The days of creation. Created for joy.
  • Ocean, mountain, stream. The water of life. Uncovering the well. At the well. Stream of life. The overflowing measure.
  • Outward and inward baptism. Baptism as process. Immersed in abundance. Resourced by abundance.
  • Learning to feel deprived. Learning to be a reservoir. Sustaining flow.
  • Allowing the stream to cleanse us. Cleansing the temple. Transformed by abundance.
  • The Way

    God’s Way A journey from here to a new life in God: a life beyond our imagining in the eternal…

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  • The Days of Creation (1)

    The Days of Creation 1. Imagine an ocean which stretches to the horizon; an endless sea, a restless tumult, a…

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  • The Days of Creation (2)

    The Song of Creation In the beginning, when God began creating the heavens and the earth, all the raw materials…

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  • Created for Joy

    “The Lion, whose eyes never blinked, stared at the animals as hard as if he was going to burn them…

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  • Prayer Sequence: Renewal of Creation

    Renewal of Creation (Light and Water) The candle is lit that we may see how you are dealing with us,…

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  • Ocean, Mountain, Stream

    Ocean, Mountain, Stream This is an ocean that fills the view, stretching out to a distant horizon. Mile after mile,…

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  • Water of Life

    Water, our most basic need. The difference between life and death. The source of fresh water (spring, well, stream, river,…

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  • Uncovering the Well

    5. Uncovering the Well From “The Testimony of a Disciple” The well was old – said to have been dug…

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  • At the Well

    Exodus 17.1-7 People fear that the absence of water means the absence of God’s blessing, God’s having abandoned them, or…

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  • Stream of Life

    When I candidated for the ministry in 1990/91 – I was very open about my intentions, my goal and my…

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